Diamond Earring Photography

Diamond Earrings

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We did these photos of Diamond Earrings for a wholesales jeweller here in Brisbane. Our Brisbane photographer photographed them on a white background for a super clean look. Because the lighting was done well there was only a minimal amount of retouching required. The Diamond Earrings themselves were of the highest standard so that always helps when you are taking photos on jewellery.

Stunning Photos of Diamond Earrings

We can take superb images of all type of jewellery and have the resulting images look as stunning as the pieces are in real life. The Diamond Earring Photography images are high resolution so they are suitable for both web and print right up to poster size. This allows for a wide variety of uses.

Beautifully lighting makes the diamonds sparkle and shine like they do in real life. Our expert control of the reflections leave the gold looking smooth and rich.

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